What kind of boss are you?

The first step to improve your management skills is to understand what kind of boss you are. Below are sources of information on “Good” and “Bad” bosses. Take the time to read it and honestly reflect on how it aligns with your management skills and behaviors.

There are a number of different traits that make a boss a pleasure to work for. Think of the best boss you ever had, and what made him or her so pleasant.

Becoming a good boss requires a mindset of self-improvement. Truly great bosses are difficult to find. As a boss, you need to know what employees expect from you.

To be a good boss means bringing out the best in other people……and yourself.

  1. Secrets of being a good boss (Management Issues).
  2. What makes a good boss (Small business blog)?
  3. How to be a good boss (WikiHow)?

Bad bosses usually don’t know how bad they really are, so it is important to know the signs. They bring out the worst in people and will negatively impact employee morale, even beyond their own management group. Tolerating bad bosses will damage the credibility of the entire management team, especially the executives. If you feel you fall in this category, you should get some coaching either from someone within your organization who is acknowledged to be a superior boss, or a professional business coach.

  1. Bad bosses – what kind are you (Bloomberg)?
  2. What makes a bad boss – (About.com/HR)?
  3. Signs of a bad boss (Blog – Julie Sturgeon).
  4. Bad boss series of videos (Willis 9X).
  5. The toxic boss syndrome (About.com/Mgmt).

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