Quickie Leadership Assessment Survey

This very short assessment questionnaire is designed under the premise that great bosses or leaders possess certain attributes:

          Leaders have vision and continually set and adjust priorities, realigning resources to achieve that vision and turn down efforts that have become a lower priority

          Leaders are passionate about customers and about what they do for their customers.  They express winning in customer terms.

          Leaders collaborate, have high energy, act, get results, and learn from this.

          Leaders inspire others to lead, too.  They do this by continually acting in regard for others becoming leaders.

          Leaders trust and expect integrity, and treat everyone with respect.

          They understand that it’s through the actions of leaders that others become leaders.

The following brief questions will help you assess whether your leadership skills are aligned with the above attributes. Just ask yourself how strongly you agree with each question. Where you don’t, it presents an opportunity for improvement.

Self-Assessment Questions:

  1. I offer timely, fair, and accurate informal feedback to employees.
  2. I encourage innovation and tolerate risk-taking.
  3. When reviewing my employees, I emphasize their performance and personality strengths.
  4. My employees understand the standards by which they are evaluated.
  5. I encourage and promote internal communication between my employees and between myself and my staff.
  6. I have enough knowledge of my employees’ performance to provide well-informed performance reviews.
  7. My employees are given sufficient opportunities to work on the things they do best.
  8. I provide tangible, immediate solutions to specific employee challenges on the job.
  9. I help my staff obtain needed information, resources, and technology.
  10. My employees understand how to complete their projects and assignments.
  11. I avoid making frequent changes to employees’ projects and assignments.

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