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Manager Tools – self-improvement podcasts

New York Times – general business, finance, and world news podcasts


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  1. Ohonogu says:

    I agree with everyone, great tips, and so true!Some spaneontous ideas of my own:When offering to email candidates with job openings, you could add the following information:* add your email address to their contacts. This should avoid problems with spam filters* if they use a dedicated job search email address, they should forward messages to their main email accountThis is getting more complicated, but you could also send job opportunities as a newsletter. This way candidates can unsubscribe automatically. And if you use a known service like aweber, the spam problem can also be avoided (although it costs).And one last idea, then I’ll shut up for now: you could publish job openings on a blog (can be discreetly integrated on the “jobs” page of your company website) with the option of RSS feed, posts per email and automatic Twitter updates. Now wouldn’t that be awesomely geeky? 😉

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