What would you like to learn?

Do you know that you are able to virtually attend classes taught at top universities for FREE?  

Coursera is an online platform for open-access, non-credit classes, available at no cost to participants. Such courses are commonly known as MOOCs, or massively open online courses. An independent company dedicated to working with high-quality university partners, Coursera was developed at Stanford University in the Fall of 2011 by two computer science professors. Through partner universities, it has since enrolled more than 1.6 million students worldwide. 

I became aware of it through my alma mater which plans its first classes in 2013. I immediately registered for one of its courses starting in February. After satisfactory completion, I’ll receive a certificate (no college credits). 

We are fortunate to be living in a time where technology is breaking-down barriers to learning. Knowledge sharing has never been easier. You just need to know where to look for what you want to learn. I’m sure you have visited YouTube to figure-out some task around the house or to tinker with your car. 

To learn about business and management practices there are many free webinars from organizations like the Harvard Business Review, Human Capital Institute, BrightTalk, and several universities, including the developer of Coursera, Stanford. 

So what would you like to learn? When was the last time you set-aside time to pursue a learning objective? In the past, cost and time have been the main obstacles to learning. Now it is becoming about making the time. 

By the way, the course I’m taking is Leading Strategic Innovation in Organizations, provided by Vanderbilt. I understand it’s popular, and hope some of my HR colleagues might be interested in it. Since the assignments include team-based work, I welcome the opportunity to work with local “students.” 

Happy learning! 

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