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bossdepot.com aims to assist anyone with the challenge of managing people. By becoming a better boss you will more effectively run any type of business or organization. This website is a one-stop shop for management information and resources.  It is written and organized for speedy research, providing very brief “must know” information for topics relating to all bosses.  Then if you need more detail, there are links to other websites that have been evaluated for brevity, relevancy and accuracy.

Just use the Search tool to find your topic, or visit the Quick Find page. There are also tags that link to related bossdepot subjects located under the post.

bossdepot.com also provides personal assessment resources to help you focus on developing your management skills and to assess your strengths & weaknesses – click on the Self-Assessment Tools page for more information.

About the links: the web research works under this framework:

  • multiple search engines are used;
  • the information is from a credible source;
  • the data is presented in a concise fashion and applies to a broad range of business environments;
  • they typically do not require registration or product purchases;
  • the information is accurate and relevant, even though the date may be several years old;
  • provides a global perspective – it can generally apply anywhere (although the focus is on U.S.);
  • no pop-ups (constant challenge).

You are encouraged to provide feedback on the information that is posted, especially if you find other links that provide valuable information. Just click on “comment” at the bottom of the post. And feel free to ask questions or offer your own experiences.

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