Unions (Organized Labor)

Unions represent a third-party to the employer-employee relationship. A union will represent its members when dealing with management. Adding this additional layer of decision-making in a company is the main reason most CEOs and Human Resources professionals don’t like unions.

Depending on the industry, a good boss needs to understand organized labor regulations and how to effectively and legally engage workers who are trying to organize or are actual members. While only 12% of the U.S. workforce is unionized, the number has been expected to increase under the Obama Administration, especially when the Employee Free Choice Act was being pushed. Preventing unions from organizing or attempting to get rid of one is called ‘union busting’.

  1. How labor unions work (HowStuffWorks).
  2. History and current labor unions in the US (Wikipedia).
  3. Defines labor union, and workplace rights (National Labor Relations Board).
  4. Employee Free Choice Act (Wikipedia).
  5. Preventing unions from organizing at your company (Business Library).
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