Termination (Process)

Except for egregious behavior that requires a quick firing, all terminations should be well thought-out and documented. Terminations should not be rushed, and if a human resources professional or in-house counsel are available, get their input. It is very important to note that the termination process will be observed and scrutinized by the employees who stay with the company. The employee being terminated has friends and possibly family at the company.  Be conscious of the perception of fairness. Be sure to notify the appropriate departments when terminating an employee (HR/Payroll, IT, etc.); it is not unusual for a terminated employee to continue being paid and receiving benefits because the firing manager did not make the appropriate notifications.

See also: Termination (General), Termination (Legal Issues), Termination (Documentation), and Right-Sizing.

  1. The best way to terminate an employee (Automotive Aftermarket).
  2. Brief outline and tips on the termination process (Small Business Notes).
  3. Sample checklist after a termination (from Vanderbilt University).
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