Termination (Legal Issues)

The main legal exposure in a termination is ‘wrongful termination,’ when the decision to terminate is perceived to be due to reasons other than the one given.  The most common and potentially damaging claim to the company is that the real reason for termination was due to discrimination of a protected class. A strategy that can reduce liability in terminations is to have it conducted as if YOU were the one being terminated; it must be done with dignity and respect so that the terminated employee does not leave angrily.

See also: Termination (General), Termination (Process), Termination (Documentation), and Right-Sizing.

  1. Questions to ask when planning a termination.
  2. How to legally terminate an employee. Provides 3 reasons to terminate and the steps to follow (Googobits.com).
  3. Employment laws on firing employees (HR Hero).
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