Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is the most common type of workplace harassment. Anyone can be accused of sexual harassment, but it is more commonly seen amongst the management ranks. A good boss has an understanding of what can constitute sexual harassment and not only ensures that he acts appropriately, but also monitors the staff.

There are strict laws on sexual harassment and good bosses understand that they have a responsibility to act if an employee reports an incident. Also, the doctrine of ‘should have known’ applies. This means that management has an obligation to be aware, and have systems in place to increase awareness, of sexual harassment incidents. These cases are best managed by a human resources professional or in-house counsel. When these resources are not available, a respected impartial manager of the same gender as the accuser should handle the case.

  1. Preventing sexual harassment in the workplace (NOLO Law).
  2. Sexual Harassment from the employee’s side – insight for a boss (AOL Jobs).
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