Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

Anyone who has been a boss for even a short period of time quickly realizes the complexities involved in managing people. Even with someone on staff dedicated to human resources, there may be a need to outsource some function, like payroll. A professional employer organization can provide most if not all HR services. While it can free up a bosses time, the downside is the potential for losing some of the connectivity with the staff. The difference in the cost of a PEO may be comparable to having someone on staff, but the PEO also has resources to address other issues. Keep in mind that someone on staff will still have to regularly coordinate with the PEO for their services.

  1. Overview of PEOs and how they work (All Business).
  2. Business owners turn to professional employer organizations to help them manage the small stuff (CNN Money).
  3. Directory of PEOs (
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