Job Postings

In order to use a job board (e.g. Monster or LinkedIn), a job description needs to be created for posting. Recruiting is like ‘fishing’ and job postings can be considered the bait – you need to use the right enticement to get a response from the type of ‘fish’ you want, and you will likely hook a lot of unwanted ‘fish’ before you land a good one. Understand and apply the information on job descriptions before creating a job posting. A good job posting extracts the main points from the job description and adds a touch of marketing. Research other postings on the site(s) where you plan to place your job posting, and write it in a similar style, but also try to stand out from the others. Additionally, like in fishing, if you’re not getting a response (no bites or bad fish) when the posting expires consider placing it on another site &/or modify the bait.

  1. Sample postings and tips for employers (
  2. Quick tips on writing internet job postings (Recruiters Network).
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