Since hiring the right candidate is the most important role of a boss, good interviewing skills are critical. Unfortunately, many bosses do not possess these skills. There is a natural tendency to want to hire in ones’ own likeness. A job description is a must have for proper interviewing. Asking the wrong questions can expose the company to liability. A good boss has a general understanding of applicable labor regulations and knows what not to ask. As a general rule, the questions have to be directly related to the responsibilities of the role, and should not touch on race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin (including citizenship status), disability, veteran status or pregnancy (see Protected Class).

Behavioral interviewing is an excellent method for screening candidates. It involves asking questions that can illustrate how a candidate has managed challenges that s/he might encounter in the new position.

Some companies, especially larger ones, will have a candidate undergo a personality assessment, which can indicate the preferred management and decision-making style of the candidate. Typically assessments are done through an on-line tool, and sometimes with a trained professional such as a psychologist. This is typically done for executive level or high-stress positions.

  1. Guidelines for conducting interviews. Detailed information that will help you be prepared for all aspects of interviewing.
  2. How to conduct an effective behavioral interview.
  3. Benefits of a structured behavioral interview. Provides examples of questions.
  4. An Interviewer’s Guide to Prevent Employment Discrimination.
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