Knowledge/Information Management

In today’s data-filled world, bosses must manage all sorts of information. Because the volume of data can be so overwhelming, good bosses must learn what information is worth storing, and to know the difference between information and knowledge, and how to capture each. “ Information” is typically data points and facts, and can easily be stored electronically or in documents. “Knowledge” is more complex, involving processes and people and how things get done; it is what is inside an employee’s mind, and is more difficult to capture and store.

Yet, the combination of technology and social networking is enabling knowledge sharing in unprecedented ways (hey, Bossdepot is a prime example). A great boss will not be intimidated by this, but will embrace and harness the combined power to ensure ready access to the information residing within their team.

See also Information Technology and Organizational Knowledge.

  1. Knowledge management comprehensive information (Wikipedia).
  2. Information management (geared to non-profits, but has good information) (TechSoup).
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