Diversity Management

A team whose members all think alike will struggle with innovation and ‘outside the box’ thinking. Building a team of diverse members (gender, ethnicity, age, etc.) can ensure that a particular challenge is examined from multiple perspectives. The downside to a diverse team is the possible increase in conflict (see Conflict Resolution) and slower speed to decision-making. However, it is generally accepted among organizational experts that diverse groups make better decisions.

A good boss has to be comfortable with managing individuals from all sides of life. That requires maturity, diplomacy, and cultural sensitivity, and the ability to get others on the team to be likewise. Since this is not easy or possible with some individuals, when forming a team look to hire open-minded employees who have these attributes

  1. Basic information on diversity management (BusinessLibrary).
  2. Creating a strategic diversity management plan (SHRM).
  3. How to increase workplace diversity (WSJ).
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