Core Values

Every company has a set of values, although they are frequently not clearly stated. A good boss needs to manage in accordance with the company’s core values. The core values help to frame the company’s culture. The core values of a small company are usually a direct reflection of the owner(s). In larger and more established companies, the core values are usually a direct reflection of the founder(s). Cultures can change, but company values (if properly promoted) stay consistent.

Much has been written about how Core Values contribute to business success. Chief among these are Good to Great by Jim Collins, and Delivering Happiness, a path to profits, passion, and purpose by Tony Hsieh. These books are worth reading to really understand Core Values.

  1. Further definitions from the National Park Service
  2. Defining Core Values (
  3. For sample corporate Core Values see Whole Foods and Zappos.
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    Yep yep, somewhere in the privcay settings you can prevent certain people from getting your updates and seeing your wall. Of course, there are still ways for your boss to see your stuff around the office, (other coworkers facebook) so its not completely secure.

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