360° Degree Feedback

360° Degree Feedback is a process used for assessing a boss’ performance and how s/he is perceived by subordinates, peers, immediate supervisor, managers from other workgroups, and sometimes individuals outside the company (e.g. key customers). This is a very useful tool but if it is not managed properly can create undue conflict and be counter-productive. It requires a high level of maturity and professionalism from the person being evaluated, and a good level of trust among the evaluators, especially subordinates. This tool provides a quick path to go from being a good boss to a great one.

Most 360° Degree Feedback tools are administered by a third party to ensure anonymity. It is best to utilize an outside business coach to administer the tool and translate the results into actionable self-improvement objectives. 

  1. Recommended methods for your 360 degree feedback. It provides a process to follow (About.com/HR).
  2. History and studies supporting 360 degree feedback (Wikipedia).
  3. Pros and Cons of conducting 360 degree feedback (About.com/HR).
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